Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The next 5 word adventure of Reginald Archibald

The next morning after the mysterious pill eating incident and the uncanine behaviour that followed, the Labrador Retriever Reginald Archibald woke up at the break of the dawn while his owner Robert was still making windowpanes tremble by his snoring, spread across the bed like a sea star washed out unto the shore. Reginald Archibald was bored. No one to play with. Well, normally he would chew Robert's shoe laces for fun, but after yesterday's exciting experience of  cooking a meal for himself, Reginald Archibald just couldn't go back to the old lifestyle. He sniffed around a bit and sure enough found the same fruity smell in another of Robert's pockets. 'Let's see what we can do today,' he thought picking up the pill with his tongue. A minute later he was at Robert's desk, browsing the net, checking the inbox, watching funny cats on youtube. He heard a sound of an incoming email. 'Now what?' thought Reginald Archibald and opened the email that was marked as high priority. "Hereby we inform you that after tackling some problems we mentioned in previous emails, we have managed to enter your name on the shortlist for the Transnistrian congress of this year. We have high hopes for the implication of your results in the frame of our work. Even though benchmarking process is not over yet, we are rather optimistic of the outcome. Please, respond ASAP.  Best regards, ...'
'I better print that for Robert,' thought Reginald Archibald and put some paper into the printer's paper tray. Then he took the printed email to Robert's bedroom and placed it on his bedside table right on top of the alarm clock to make sure it's the first thing his owner finds.
'Acting like a human is taking a toll on me...I better go take a nap.' Reginald Archibald yawned, climbed onto the living room sofa and fell asleep at once.

shortlist, benchmark, tackle, implications, Transnistria

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