Sunday, 27 May 2012

A 5 words adventure of digression

A constant gibe from other NBA players made Spud Webb want to cry. It wasn't his fault his parents gave him such a ridiculous name. At any rate it was a much more dignified  name than Garlic, on which his raunchy grandparents were insisting when Spud was born.  Gramps said it was an old family tradition to name every third child Garlic as a good luck sign and protection against the evil eye. It's a pity they never specified which family's tradition it was or where the person with the evil eye had lost the other eye. As Spud's parents didn't follow the family naming tradition gramps always considered poor Spud a shameful digresion from the family line and treated him as such.

Spud Webb, raunchy, gibe, digression, garlic