Monday, 28 May 2012

A 5 word adventure of Reginald Archibald

While Robert, a secret government lab scientist on vacation, was watching Richard III play on TV ("Half a kingdom for a horse!"), the wi-fi headphones on max volume, his Labrador Retriever Reginald Archibald (oh those pure breeds with their posh names and all!) came over to the comfy chair and poked the owner's hand a few times with the cold wet nose. 'Food, man, foooood!' Reginald Archibald was trying to send brainwaves to the man's mind, but Robert was absolutely absorbed by on-screen drama and didn't pay any attention. After a couple of minutes the dog gave up on the man, but not on the quest. Sniffing here and there like a hound, which was his life's secret ambition, after a few minutes he came across a new smell - something fruity and delicious, coming from the pocket of his owner's lab coat that was hanging on the back of a chair. 'Better than nothing,' thought Reginald Archibald and stuck his long tongue into the pocket thus picking up that tiny sweet smelling thing. Before the dog could make a surprised Scooby-doo sound he felt something strange happening in his body. 'I think I'll be sick...I better go find a nice place on a carpet...quick,' he thought. Instead of vomiting on the carpet though Reginald Archibald did something that no respectful hound would ever do (and trust me he was very ashamed of such non-canine behaviour at the beginning!). He got up on his back paws, walked into the kitchen, turned on some samba music on the radio for the right mood, picked up a knife from the counter and chopped up some meat and vegetables for a soup... Before the effect of the mysterious pill wore off Reginald Archibald had made a delicious soup, eaten two dishes of it and even washed his dish and spoon afterwards. Then as suddenly as it had begun everything went back to normal. The dog went back on all fours and plumped himself down on the kitchen floor. Tired, but pleased with himself he thought 'Life is like a pill from a pocket, you never know what you gonna get.'

 soup dog knife pill music

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