Sunday, 27 May 2012

A 5 words adventure of a Tiffany lamp

If there was anything Kitty Kelley hated more than not finding any dirt to write about, it was the Tiffany lamp  on her desk. She couldn't help but shudder thinking what it reminded her of.  This lamp was given to her by her first long term boyfriend, George, an incurable gambling addict, especially keen on horse race betting. George had bought this lamp as a surprise for Kitty using money from one of his few trifecta winnings. He was on his way home from the shop, the lamp tucked under his arm, still unwrapped and its wire dangling loose, for he didn't want to waste 'no time wrapping the damn thing', when the worst happened. George was entering the lift in his building when the loose wire got hooked on Mrs. Chesterton's trolley on her way out of that very same lift. The rest happened in a blink of an eye. Mrs. Chesterton was walking away, the lift door closing, and George clinging to his lamp got pulled backwards onto the floor, his neck right on the level of the shutting door. Maybe in a universe where justice existed it would have ended differently, but there he was - lying on the cold floor, his jugular vein blocked by the tightly shut elevator doors. As if it wasn't enough, the automatic doors jammed and they had to call for ERT to get him out of there. After all these years Kitty still hated that lamp, but didn't have courage to get rid of an object that had almost cost more than just money. Well, that and the fact she found out later - it had once belonged to duchess of Bedford and cost a fortune now.

 Kitty Kelley, trifecta, Tiffany lamp, ERT, jugular


  1. ржу уже с первой строчкиииииии... ааааа!!! ладно, пойду дочитаю...

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    1. *bowing deeply like a balerina* thank you, thank you so much! :)))))

  3. Замечаешь, что чем сложнее подборка слов, тем дольше получается текст? Я с твоим Норманом пока выкручивалась, в два раза текст увеличила!

    1. Да, заметила! чем проще слова, тем меньше приходится обьяснять.