Sunday, 27 May 2012

A 5 word adventure of an unflinching man

An unflinching man in a dark pinstripe suit and a wide brim hat walked into "Cash and Carry". He marched straight to the counter, a large paper bag in his hands. 'One banger and a dollop of that,' said the man and pointed at a shelf behind the shop assistant's back. 'Wha..what?' uttered the shocked salesman and turned around to see what the man in the pinstripe suit was indicating. When he turned back to face the mysterious customer he saw that the stranger had thrown the heavy paper bag on the counter. 'So?' asked the man and put one hand inside the paper bag. The shop assistant squeezed his eyes shut and tried to retreat, but was stopped by the shelves. Nothing happened. He took a deeper breath and opened one eye just enough to see what was going on. His jaw dropped open. The man in the pinstripe suit was holding a stack of banknotes in his slightly lifted hand and wearing a confused expression on his face. 'It said "cash and carry" on the sign outside, so I brought cash to pay for my stuff,' he muttered surprised by the effect it had had on the shop assistant who was now sliding down along the shelves onto the worn out linoleum floor.

unflinching, banger, dollop, pinstripe, "Cash and Carry"


  1. LOL At-a-girl!!! Tho it was "Cash and Cary". Nevertheless, clap-clap-clap!!

    1. I've no idea what "Cash and Cary" is for ya, crazy Americans! I only know Cash and Carry :)))