Thursday, 26 January 2012

My perpetuum mobile

Last night a sudden revelation struck me just when I was about to fall asleep. A strange moment for revelations, you might say, nevertheless it happened. I've been thinking a lot in past about what is that magic energy that makes people get up in the morning when they'd rather stay under warm covers, what makes us go to work, do homework, wash dishes, do utterly boring things, which we'd rather avoid. What really makes the world go round and makes us hope against hope, that in the end everything will turn out right? And yesterday it hit me. It's not money, as they sing in that famous song. It's not even love, though I believe love is the mightiest power that exists. And it's not hope, as most of us believe, for hope is more like a condition than energy. The thing that pushes us forward through day is...curiosity! Unless we are so depressed that nothing in this world can interest us enough to keep us up, and believe me, I know what I'm talking about, been there myself, we get up in the morning because somewhere under the layers of adult worries and duties there is that little child still excited about what the new day might bring. We secretly expect surprises, good surprises of course, even though we'll never admit it even to ourselves. Stay curious about what life might bring, expect good surprises, my friends! It's the only free medicine against routine and dullness!

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