Thursday, 2 February 2012

The scary times

Everything in this world is relative, I've no doubt you've realised it by now. What is considered rubbish by someone, is a great treasure for someone else. But there is one thing that unites all people of all walks of life. It's the feeling, in some cases overwhelming and panic inducing, that right now we live in the scariest times ever. The mass (manipulation) media will eagerly nod to it and create fabric for these fears in larger and larger portions. The fear is an excellent soil for vast range of scoops. And we all know that scoops get newspapers sold. What a strange twist of human mind. But if you ask readers who snatch those scoop containing magazines and then drop them like hot potatoes why they keep such a close look on current events through the media binoculars, most of them will say that, living in such scary times, it's important to be well informed. Are we living in the scariest times ever? I am not convinced at all. We certainly live in hard times, I don't know anyone who's not going through difficulties right now. On global level it's leavened because now it takes only seconds for news to travel across the world, but that doesn't increase the power of death, famine, losses, losses, losses. These tragic events have always been there. Death is part of life. Loss is part of life. Apart from the undeniable technological progress of the last couple of centuries, there is very little change in the world, it's just that we get to hear about it in a flash and in amplified amounts. Under the weight of so called news broadcasts many start to break down morally and forget altogether that we are not the first and, I dare say, nor the last people who have to go through grievances during their lifetime. I reckon it's time to find our feet again. You are what you eat? Then stop feeding on toxic media information, look around and make up your own mind.


  1. Yes, and this is why I don't neither news nor dramas. Only Si-Fi and comedy :D

    1. yay! it makes two...or more of us. let's start a club or find a doctor for this thing! :)

  2. Wanted to say, "don't watch" LOL
    And yes, let's start a club. Positive Stuff Only. PSO. hahaha