Monday, 22 April 2013

You Cat to Be Kitten Meow! Part II: Eyes Widely Shut

When I was nearly ten days old my eyes began to open. At first only tiny slits of blue on my soft fury face. The more mommy washed my face the wider the openings became, till they were fully open. I couldn't see more than light and shadows, but it was better than orienting myself by the sound, the warmth of my siblings or the smell of milk.
On the day when my left eye was nearly fully open something unusual happened. We heard loud bangs and other horrifying noises at the window near the porch where we slept in the basket. Harsh whispering human voices and heavy booted footsteps hurrying around. Our human family never behaves like that. Their children make noises, at times very loud ones, but their voices are cheerful, full of laughter. The voices we were hearing now were bad, I can't explain how we knew it, but we knew something was wrong. Our mommy covered all of her babies with her body and was meowing quietly, but nervously, warning the strangers not to come any closer. I was petrified with fear and squeezed my eyes shut. When the heavy booted steps ceased running through the house and the noises came back to the broken window, a new sound added to it - the strangers were dragging a heavy bag, full of our humans' possessions. They were thieves! I was glad no one put me in that bag, I stayed where I was and our mother kept hovering over us long after the menacing strangers were gone. I heard the human mother cry a lot that day, she was keeping her children near at all times, just like our mommy did.

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